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How To Create an email account on Cpanel

Emails are an important form of communication in an official setup. People have now opted to use emails associated with their company name addresses in form of domain names, instead of the popular Gmail and yahoo addresses. For instance, by owning a company name with the domain name, you can create emails such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and so on. The names to be attached to the email are unlimited, depending on the hosting provider/hosting package. This article illustrates how to create an email in a few simple steps from Cpanel.

create an email

Create an email On Cpanel

  1. Login to your Cpanel. On your Cpanel homepage, under email group, click on <Email Accounts>

create an email

2. On the <Email Accounts> page, click on Create button

create an email

3. On the create email page, select your domain name, if you have multiple, enter your username, eg, admin, enter your preferred password, and click on the create button at the bottom of the page.

create an email

Note that on this page, you can generate a strong password by clicking on the Generate button next to the show password icon.

After clicking the create button your email address is created , and ready for use. You now need to login to the email dashboard. 

There are 2 ways of accessing the newly created email dashboard, commonly known as webmail.

How To Access Webmail

Method 1

  • Open your browser and type in; where is your domain name
  • With this method, you need to know your email address and the password; enter your email address and the password, and click on the Log in button.
create an email

Method 2

  • Access the email accounts page on step 2 and click on <Check Email> button
  • create an email
  • On the page that opens up, click on <Open> to access the dashboard
  • create an email
Its that easy!

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